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Gary Trotman Steelasophical James Bond 007 Casino Royale 1 Steel Band
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Gary Trotman Steelasophical James Bond 007 Casino Royale 1 Steel Band 0011
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Gary Trotman Steelasophical James Bond 007 Casino Royale 1 Steel Weding Band 00 Steelpan 0

Steelasophical SteelBand

Steel Pan & Percussions with backing trax for a full band sound

More than 500 songs in over 14 genres

Music ‚ÄĘ Sound ‚ÄĘ Light

To Vow WOW Mix Mingle Wine Dine and Dance

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Caribbean Island steel bands Gary Trotman Steelasophical Steel BAnd Stee;pan Steeldrums

Steelasophical Steel Band Dj


Steelasophical Steel band is dedicated to bringing Caribbean music and ambiance to you,

doing great things through various means, from TV appearances,

music being used in TV, Film, Media, Advertising, Libraries,

Multimedia and corporate projects.

We are also proud of having one of the most professional Steel Drum acts based here in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

… from this base, we travel the length and breadth of the UK.

About Me

‚Äď Gary is mostly known as an internationally selling and performing music professional. A multiInstrumentalist and song writer and without doubt, mostly know as a Steel drum professional running his music company Steelasophical..

In 2008, Gary took his music company Steelasophical full-time. Prior to that and for many years, Gary worked within the Building Services industry.

Working life started out in the early 1980’s as a trainee Electrician with the company Beecham Group Plc. An 8 year association saw the company evolve into SmithKline Beecham and more latterly a merger with Glaxo and Welcome to become SmithklineGlaxoWelcome.

Career path saw Gary move to the following positions within the industry and at the following companies:

  • Trainee Bank Clerk ‚ÄstBarclays Bank
  • Trainee Electrician ‚ÄstBeecham Group
  • Maintenance Electrician ‚ÄstSmithKline Beecham
  • Maintenance Engineer ‚ÄstTeam Q
  • BMS Service Engineer ‚ÄstSatchwell Control Systems
  • BMS Commissioning Engineer ‚ÄstSatchwell Control Systems
  • Electrical Engineer ‚ÄstNOVA ECS
  • Electrical Contracts Engineer ‚ÄstAQUA Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Contract Manager ‚ÄstScorpio Electrical¬†
  • Assistant Building Services¬†Manager ‚ÄstUltra Electronics¬†
  • Regional Contracts Manager ‚ÄstKier KBSE

“I was blessed to have had a track from one of my Caribbean Steel drum albums (recorded at ARC Music Prod Int), chosen to be used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. A great set of promotional pictures were taken for me by an amazing photographer friend Jeremy Trew.

As everything in my life seems to be connected, I was not too¬†surprised¬†to learn that Jeremy was contracted as a¬†commercial photographer for a¬†company¬†I had previously worked for in my capacity as an¬†Electrical¬†Engineer, running (D&B office and commercial refurbishments) and had actually taken photographs¬†of some of my completed projects including¬†55 BishopsGate¬†and¬†Northfleet Electrical Generating Substation‚ÄĚ

About us

Steelasophical live music evolved out of over 20 years experience performing with a host of steelbands, steel orchestra, steelband combos, soca bands, reggae bands and performing alongside DJ’s and other bands in other genres. Some names you may or may not have heard before, such as Ebony Steel Band (Panorama), Stardust Steel Band, New Sound Hurricane Force Band, Caribbean Xpress, Caribbean Sunrise, Happy Jacks Steel Band

With only one or two performers, the use of amazing quality backing music and state of the art equipment, we have developed a music service that rivals them all.

It is now possible to have a band that can perform as soft and gentle as a string quartet, with everything to Wine, Dine, Mix and Mingle, to loud, vibrant and rocking as a 10pc caribbean band. With a song list of over 100 core songs in 14 genres, we have the versatility that is truly unmatched

Steelasophical Steel Band Dj

Payment options:

Credit Card / Debit Card (via Paypal) | Bank Transfer | Cheque | BACS | International Transaction | Cash

Added Value Рearly confirmation:Above Early-Bird prices will rise by 15%

To qualify, you must:

Return completed booking forms and pay the retainer within 10 daysProvide us with a written online testimonial (optional)

Provide us with at least 3 professional photographs of your day for our own memories (optional)

Ways to get cheaper music .. but at a risk!

‚ÄĘ Less skilled and¬†experienced musicians¬†can¬†be cheaper

‚ÄĘ Musicians who pay no tax¬†or insurances (leaving you¬†exposed)¬†can afford to be¬†cheaper

‚ÄĘ Musicians who don‚Äôt take¬†the time to carefully plan for¬†your event¬†are cheaper

‚ÄĘ Those with no licenses,¬†Health & Safety documents¬†or Public Liability Insurance¬†can be cheaper

‚ÄĘ Musicians who are¬†desperate for work¬†can be¬†cheaper

‚ÄĘ Part time, hobbyists and¬†weekend musicians¬†can be¬†cheaper

‚ÄĘ People who take no pride¬†or consideration on¬†presentation and¬†appearance¬†can be cheaper

‚ÄĘ Bands with poor value¬†equipment¬†and instruments¬†can be¬†cheaper¬†

Confirm as soon as you can: 

Steelasophical are taking bookings and enquiries into the next 3 years. Due to the volume of interest. 

Due to receiving¬†requests¬†(often for competing dates), we¬†operate the fairest system to all on¬†a ‘First To Confirm’ basis.¬†


If you have any questions, or would indeed like to secure this date and one or more options with us, please do not hesitate in contacting asap. 

We will by return forward the booking confirmation forms, terms and conditions and payment schedule options:



Safety stuff: 

Upon confirmation, please be sure to provide us with the full contact details of the venue. 

We will ned to contact them and provide them with essential Health and Safety documentation, 

as well as gain an understanding of important informations such as venue access, terms and conditions, requirements, facilities etc. 

Not What You Are Looking For? 

We value every interest in Steelasophical, but realise that there are many variables from both sides that may ultimately not make us a great fit. 

We see no¬†competitors in the industry for the¬†following reasons…¬†

a) nobody does what we do in the way we do it 

b) Steelasophical consistently over delivers as standard in ways that many have not even thought of

c) we view professional wedding suppliers as colleagues! 

Thank you for considering Steelasophical. With or without us we want to wish you the very best with your event planning and wish you the best day in every possible way

Kindest regards  
Gary Trotman  
On behalf of Steelasophical

We Bring The Caribbean to You
With Music incorporated in the James Bond 007 Movie Casino Royale
¬†–¬†(courtesy¬†of ARC Music Prod Int¬†Ltd)¬†
Steelasophical Caribbean Steel drum Albums Selling World-wide
Winning Musical entertainment¬†performance on the Channel 4¬†‘Come Dine with Me’
–¬†(courtesy¬†of 1st Choice¬†Entertainment)¬†
Compliance with the EAWR 1989
£10m Public liability Insurance
100% Professional Service
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